Cencellare la cronologia dei comandi dalla cronologia del terminale è un’operazione semplice. Default, the last 500 commands type in termilane are stored in the hidden file “.bash_history“. The previously typed commands can be read quickly by using the arrow keys (“freccia its” and “down arrow“). This makes it easy to invoke a command recently typed, but it could be a security issue if that session was used by more people. So how does one delete the command history?

To read the complete list of the command history from terminal “per l’utente loggato” just type the command from terminal “history“.

To delete history just type “history -c“.

Questo cancellerà la sola cronologia dell’utente loggato, sarà necessario ripetere l’operazione per ogni altro utente si voglia rimuovere la cronologia della shell.


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