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This article was published more than a year ago, there may have been developments.
Please take this into account.

More than three years ago I wrote an article about lshw and lshw-gui, a program and a GUI that allow us to “see” inside the computer all individual components (CPU, RAM, video card, sound card, network card, etc..). The GUI now has changed its name, it is not more than lshw-gui but lshw-gtk. Apart from that I realize that after more than three years, the article is still relevant and needs no additions.

Today I propose a couple of alternatives light two small programs


Can be installed with a simple “sudo apt-get install hardinfo” (o tramite synaptic).

The information it provides are these:

Computer:Summary, Operating System, Kernel Modules, Boots, Languages, Filesystems, Shared directories, Display, Network Interfaces, User 
Devices:Processor, Memory, PCI Devices, USB Devices, Printer, Battery, Sensors, Input Devices, Storage 
Benchmarks:CPU ZLib, CPU Fibonacci, CPU MD5, CPU SHA1, CPU Blowfish, FPU Raytracing 

Through the famous copy-paste, you can save all the data.


This too can be installed simply by “sudo apt-get install sysinfo” (o da synaptic).

Returns the following information:

General system information:Distribution Release, Desktop environment, kernel, Os type, GCC version, Xorg versione, Hostname
CPU information:Vendor, Model name, Frequency, L2 Cache, bogmips, numbering flags
Memory information:Total, Swap total, Cached, Active, Inactive
Storage Information:Device


  • Motherboard host bridge, pci bridges, usb controllers, isa bridge, ide interface
  • Graphic card: VGA compatible controller
  • Soundcard: multimedia audio controller
  • Network: network controller, ethernet controller


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