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Ok, the title is not very good, but I did not know how to explain in a few words Brackets need to write code HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and is also written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You are already going to the loop, true?

Personally, for writing HTML and CSS I have always got on well with Gedit, the built-in editor in Gnome. Scelsi Gedit for the interface without frills and the ability to customize (also extending its functions through plugin). The basic settings are sparse, but “wandering” between the preferences you can enable different functions to make it a complete editor.

Everything up to last night, when by chance I happened on the site of Brackets. Scare someone know that was released Brackets under the MIT license, hosted on GitHub from Adobe? Just so, Adobe has a small park open source projects, and is active sponsor of the Apache project. As part of its open source projects for developing he has entered Brackets Windows, OS X and Linux. In the end I think it was easy to port on different operating systems, visto che Brackets è web based.

Below is the promotional video, which shows most of the functions and will bring you closer to the idea.

Installing Brackets on Ubuntu is simple, the package “.deb” precompiled for architectures 32 and 64 bit can be downloaded from official website, while on GitHub we find the source code ready to be cloned (for all other distributions). Who instead of the repository webupd8 qualified (ppa:webupd8team/brackets) you can install it via the repository.

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[For those who have not seen the video] Ok, but what makes an editor Brackets better than they use?

There are at least two major strengths present in Brackets that I can not find in its competitors:

  1. Brackets allows editing of CSS editing its HTML that we are opening a snippet directly in the HTML using the function “quick edit” (“Ctrl” + “And it's“).
  1. Brackets allows you to control the layout of the project we're working on in real time, via the “live preview” (works only with Chrome the, as in my case Chromium).
  1. I would add a third point of strength: Brackets è light, it starts in a second and even download for Linux weighs 46MB (Gedit, which is very light, weighs 85MB… almost double).

And if you like to ride around on official website (all in English) You will find some interesting features, increased land integrated color picker CSS editor or downloadable extensions from '”extension manager” integrated, that will save you valuable time during production.

And after the pros… against the

Till now, After a few days of use I found the slow search function within the file open. If the file is large the search is significantly slowed, also because it is a live search (does not wait for the key “forwarding”, but look at every key press).

Apart from this, okay.

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