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For some time now I'm running in a variety of (and for “several” I mean “a myriad of”) graphical ads in Itaila. More than the amount of ads, amaze me the skills required. Let's take a premise.

If I cook a cake is important is that at the end It is as good as I had it in mind before you start cooking, regardless of the fact that I use an electric oven, o of the largest gas, or that bake in the sun of mid-August 3pm. Similarly if I decide to buy a pair of shoes to play tennis me I'll find comfortable, resistant, that meet certain characteristics… no matter that I shop in a mall, in a shoe store or at the market.

Then someone explains to me why when one needs a banner ad, of a roadside billboard, a cover for the CD of his band looking for a graphic that I know perfectly the entire Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (specifying in detail Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc..)? In the first place in the great majority of cases not all of the Creative Suite software is required. But most of all I think it should be a priority that the work is done well, that can be printed or not, that incorporates a color profile rather than another, that the colors are faithful on-screen and on paper… not the program but the result. It would be like saying that it is more important what car to use to go to sea, rather than get to the sea. This does not make sense!

Look here:  We change the "Hz" with "ffmpeg"

Forgive, was an outburst duty.


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DaAsFlickred · 12 October 2013 at 2:03 PM

It would be enough to specify the target format ( jpg, tif, pdf, etc. ).
I have to write ads by competent people in the industry.. 😉

    Giovanni Mauri · 14 October 2013 at 6:38 AM

    In fact maybe they are also competent, know what to look for and try to find a chart to do the work better than they know their. The “as they know their” is not an absolute truth of faith.

    I can bind to a software. There are a thousand ways to do graphics in addition to Photoshop, for charity is a complete program, complex, the non plus ultra for graphics… but not the only choice.

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