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Today we see how create an effect "starry sky"With GIMP. This guide can ever be of assistance to dial one background for pc, but also and especially for greeting cards, Tickets, posters, folding and products for typography in general. If the final destination of the image will be the screen Computer (background, but also web page or web gallery) advice 72,00dpi. In case the requirement was the carta stampata I suggest the 300,00dpi (to maintain high resolution).

First, create the image of the desired size. “File” – “Fresh”, e which we set the dpi by clicking on "Advanced Options” (72 Screen, 300 for paper). As an example I will use the size 800×600 a 72,00dpi.


We begin to color the background in black. Soon after we create a new transparent layer with the appropriate button in the Layers dialog leaving the settings that are unchanged.


We will work on this level to create the stars. Come on "Filters” – “Disorder” – “Chance"And always apply with the settings given.


Now that the colored dots are all we have "discolour"Acting only on Grayscale. In this way, the stars will be all white. “Colors” – “Desaturation”.


Too white, is not credible. “Colors” – “Brightness and Contrast"And set the brightness to"-112"And the contrast to"127”.


And now imposteremo l 'glow effect all agency. “Filters” – “Light and shadow” – “Twinkle"And set l '"intensity glitter” a “0.20”. Everything else unchanged (unfortunately the screen from 8.9 inch does not allow me the full screenshot).

Look here:  Tutorial: create a puzzle from a photo with Gimp

The work is almost finished. We add a new level as before and begin to create mist effect made. “Filters” – “Render” – “Clouds” – “Solid Noise”. The dimensions "X"And"And"Should be set to"3.9”.


Now we're going to act on the layer stacking, modifying the way down the appropriate. Select "Lighten only”, and we set l '"opacity” a “9.5”. The curtain can find it at the top of the Layers dialog where usually it says "usual"As follows.


And here is our background (a bit petite, but very clear) ready to be saved as jpg.



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Giovanni Mauri · 1 October 2013 at 7:58 AM

Oh, I finally figured out who you are. I remember you and your blog, and remember you recommended to add the images in your tutorial to help the reader.

I must tell you that your blog has improved and that your content is qualitatively interesting (and let me tell you, You make the spectacular images), but still in short supply descriptive images. Take a look at the tutorial above, you will notice that for all the steps I have included where to click, settings dialog box (with image) and the partial result. I know it's a longer work and that it would be easier and faster to write, but inevitably scoraggerai anyone who wants to follow the tutorial. Otherwise, why write them? And’ a powder’ This is the reason for the scarcity of comments.

I also had a look at your flickr, I see that you take care also of the creation of vector logos. Why do not you think one for your blog?

hate · 28 July 2013 at 12:13 PM

Beautiful joe always interesting tutorials, I miss only here at warp speed in the company of seven novo.
Some time ago I were advising of We add some links to my blog to make it more interesting.
If you write an article on how to do it I will read it avidly.
Hello Odin

If you make a pass there is something new.

    Giovanni Mauri · 12 August 2013 at 8:37 AM

    Hello Odin,
    many thanks for your comment, I do not know whether to feel more flattered by the compliments or embarrassed for not remembering to have you already known.
    Unfortunately I can not find any link on your comment, would love to do a tour on your blog.
    Thank you very much the idea that you leave me for what will surely be one of the next articles.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

      hate · 22 September 2013 at 2:29 PM

      Do not worry no embarrassment, provably in my inexperience I have not entered any data with track me here.

      Here it is hello and good work Odin

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