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WordPress: migrate from one sub-directory to the root

Today's article is a bit 'technical, I had to delve into some trends that I was too light for some trouble when I installed WordPress combined (the engine of this blog) su

Here below the steps Blog with WordPress support to move an existing installation of WordPress from within a folder, the root domain. As in my case it was installed in WordPress "", the file index.php in the root directory instead was a simple redirect 301 alla directory "/wordpress".

It was uncomfortable to have the blog in another place than the root of the site, but it was even more inconvenient show the URL includes "/wordpress/" users.

The steps are as follows:

  1. or al general control panel ("settings" - "General"),
  2. nel box "Website (URL)": address changes to "" a "",
  3. click on "Save the changes" (do not worry about error messages, and do not try to open the blog at this point, in all probability will be shown the message "file not found"),
  4. copy (DO NOT MOVE) i file index.php and .htaccess from within the directory "/wp" root. The file .htaccess is invisible, it is possible that you will need to configure your FTP client so as to list them,
  5. edit the file index.php this time in your root directory as follows:
    1. open the file index.php present in the root with a text editor,
    2. change the following line:
      with this following expression:
    3. save the file.
  6. Log on the site (if you're not already logged in). The URL should still be "",

It is important to follow these instructions to the letter, a small variation brings down the house of cards.


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