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Cut a section of video with ffmpeg


This article was written in the 2013, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Today's article purpose is to be a reference for those who want cut a video from one point to another with ffmpeg ( then using the terminal). Strange, true? To change what products we use highly graphical far more graphics you can imagine.

Often the video is too long to be cut, and a full program (with gui and all) consumes too many resources and slows down the system.

The syntax is very simple, in a single line of terminal

specify all.

ffmpeg -ss [seconds from the beginning] -t [duration in seconds] -i [input_file] [outputfile]

It will be added to the value for the elapsed time of the video (will be the beginning of the new video) related to the topic "-ss". This command also supports the syntax "hh:mm:ss[.xxx]".

The argument "-t" indicates the length of the video, This argument also supports the format "hh:mm:ss[.xxx]".


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  1. Thanks for the article.
    I have a question: the syntax of the input file which must be? work with wndows

    • Hello Edward, and thanks for the comment.
      In fact, the syntax is the standard unix… “/home/user/Musica/file.avi”.
      Non ho Windows, but from my recollections should be “C:Documents and SettingsutenteDocumentifile.avi”.
      Visto che usi Windows, if the file is not too heavy, I advise you to MovieMaker. Name and open source, but in the end neither is Windows.

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