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Canon Club Italy asks for help

Today's article is different from others, but I feel I have to write.

I have long subscribed to the community "Canon Club Italy", an amateur site where users have the opportunity to meet, commodity exchange, dispense advice and get information. The classic community, oriented to photography. Since the opening of the site to date, the owner and maintainer of the server has had several difficulties.

The only forms of sustenance are the sponsors of the forum (non-invasive advertising present on all pages) and subscriber volontari, depending on their economic availability. It must be said that "Canon Club Italy", despite the name, is not directly sponsored by Canon and does not receive any subsidy from the same. Accomplice to the crisis, many sponsors have canceled their subscription and some subscribers did not renew the subscription with the result that today the administrator is forced to ask for an extra effort users.

Cito testualmente:

It 'really sad for me having to open a topic of gender and content of this. I waited until the last moment (has been since January that it goes on a tightrope) I'd never have to do, but at present we are at risk of closure. The publisher on the forum (private but also adsense) does not allow to keep the monthly payment of two servers. Lately my parents are supporting me but I do not know how long the situation.

Whoever therefore, voluntarily and without any obligation, wants to give a financial contribution to the maintenance of our community can go to the next page:

Again, our reality is and remains free of charge, at this time, however, we need your help. Anyone who will not only allow us to keep alive this reality but also to be able to increase the potential and capabilities, with updates of a software and hardware platform.

I hope for all of you and hope that everything will be resolved with your help.

It should be recalled that "Canon Club Italy" despite being a completely amateur project is not a small community, the database only for the management of forum weighs 10gb, is hosted on two servers in mirroring, has an average of 300.000 page views per day (resulting in bandwidth usage). Despite the amatorialità of the project, however, would tend not to call it an amateur site.

The sad thing for me is to see a free and open close and I hope that this will not be his fate. By the forwarding of the appeal many have come forward and have a subscription, I try to do my part in bringing the appeal of the administrator here hoping that those unfamiliar with this important resource of the web sensitize. And I really hope that this happens.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so at the donation page. Here is the home del forum.


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  1. I'm glad to do something for the community, among other things, the site is called “Canon Club Italy”, but is in general an extended community of photographers more or less professional that does not stop the world's Canon, there is any kind of advice, straight or equipment.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope that the ICC will continue in its mission.

  2. Thank you for this article, it's really important for us to take this project forward. We are online from 2005 and the ICC has now become the first community at the national level, followed and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of members and non-. A project born from the heart and unbridled passion for photography and the desire to “fare community”, or to share the passion, exchange views, criticism and “third” on how to improve and grow together!! THANK YOU!!!

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