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As many will know, for the drafting of mockup Grafici to show the client you are using a well-established Latin formula, It does not necessarily make sense but give the’idea of how the site will look once completed. Tale formula (also called “filler text“) is named “lorem ipsum“, and for the curious there is a Wikipedia page detailed topic. Regarding the Latin text real exists instead a site ( that generates a different content depending on your preference.

You can choose between the number of paragraphs, speech, byte the lists and we can start with the content “lorem ipsum” or with a different part of the original text. Once generated content will be enough to copy – paste the whole thing in our comp and the visual result is made. Personally, I almost always leaning against the “lorem ipsum generator“, but just today I found a real gem: fontReceipt“.

It may happen that the person to whom the present mockup, especially if unaccustomed to the sketches, I do not understand the meaning of the text (not to be understood in fact), or face questions to which there are no answers on why and how-to. Receipt is a free font, that replaces each letter in a square, spaces are displayed as spaces instead. In this way, those who see the mockup should not “interpret” nothing, and will focus on overview. It may happen that a character asks a text example, because “with the bricks do not understand”, so as always to be flexible and prepared for any eventuality.

Block font

From site of the font (Well yes, as every “clothes would” has its own website) you can see it in action, and download it without too much trouble. Blokk is covered by Creative Commons license.

P.S. Sorry for the delay with which to place this article, I lost a bit’ of interest in the blog although I appreciate the feedback on past articles. I set myself the goal of writing at least one article per week. Thank you all for the support.


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