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Today I posed the problem to start an FTP server on my computer. Although (also in the repositories) There are several solutions to my problem, Graphical user interfaces are scarce. Despite this, I found an FTP server written in python that also includes a handy gui, in a single file.

First download, a modified version of the original software “pyftplib” (glue lines just copied into a new file that we will call “”).

Let's execute permission to the script you just downloaded python:

chmod 777

We install the server:

sudo python

The server is now installed, and only works via command line. With the following command we can start it without root privileges, on the door 2121, allowing anonymous users to read and write in the specified directory (“FTP”) who must be present in the virtual place from which we launch the command.

python --directory=FTP --port=2121 --write

For a list of all available commands we type “python --help“.

For permettene execution to all users of the system (and install the application without having to type the path each time) rename the executable python “” in “ftpserver” and the move to “/usr/bin/“.

And now the highlight: la gui. It is actually a small window clear and simple. We download the only file that makes up the gui and glue these lines in a file that we will call “”. Even in this case, to start data typed:


And this is the result:

Look here:  Import the format ".to" in Inkscape

With the menu manager “alacarte” you can create a “thrower” to launch the program more quickly. In this case I gave the program icon FileZilla.


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