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As we download from the internet? Gigabyte e gigabyte data, personally mostly iso or software updates (this is. the kernel is a beautiful brick). And sometimes it happens that when we start the download speed is pretty good, but after some time we see it slow, halved, I sometimes find myself under 56k. Why does it happen?

The ADSL providers have at their disposal in a particular WAN from a certain speed distribute to all utilities. Obviously the more users connect, the slower the network. In a normality assumption the provider should divide the network speed in equal parts to all users, so as not svantaggiarne. On the contrary happens that the same provider (everyone) deliberately cutting through the available bandwidth some users who use the Internet intensively to encourage all other (and make it look like your bandwidth faster than it would). It is for this reason that new lines are generally faster, while the older ones are slower, is not cable wear but it is the provider that attempts to make “bella figura” with new clients.

There is no way to oppose this behavior nor protesting the switchboard operator, or through legal, on the contract you have signed the '”MCR” (guaranteed minimum speed) is certainly under 56k. The only alternative useful (when we know that the band is actually limited) is turn to another ADSL provider, perhaps avoiding those that reflect negative experiences on online forums. And how do I know if my band is actually “cut“?

  Install the operating system via USB, with Unetbootin

There is a small program for Linux called ShaperProbe. ShaperProbe is a small command line tool available for Linux, but also for Windows (excluded 7 and 8) and Mac OS X, released under GPLv2 license. The ultimate goal of the program is to determine if a provider classifies a kind of traffic as “less important“, providing different services depending on the use of the band. It is able to actively explore (non-intrusively) the location on the network and tries to diagnose the nature and extent of discrimination traffic.

Unfortunately there is a package “deb” to use as straight as a spear in our Ubuntu, must be completed, but the installation is still elementary. Open a terminal and launch the program below to download the package:


Not panic if the download does not last long, the package weighs only 16K. Now unpack the archive in the directory for the optional software “/opt”, enter the installation directory and launch “make” to compile the program.

tar xvf shaperprobe.tgz -C /opt/ && cd /opt/shaperprobe && make

Finished. To start the program from the terminal we type the command “/opt/shaperprobe/prober“. We can also move “prober” in “/usr/local/bin” so start it by typing directly “prober” from a terminal.

And here is a screenshot of a connection is not limited:


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