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The digital steganography to hide the information

Literally the term "Steganography" from etymological dictionary means "the art of writing in figures, because the script is still secret and unknown to those who do not have the key". Typically quansiasi type of encrypted message may be referred steganographic. The oldest steganographic technique dates back a few thousand years ago (the term itself is derived from the ancient greek), was to use common lemon juice instead of ink. Those who received the letter secret was to bring the paper to a source of heat or an open flame. The parties spent with the lemon juice would not be blackened, while the paper is.


How to find out if your ISP limits my bandwidth

As we download from the internet? Gigabyte e gigabyte data, personally mostly iso or software updates (this is. the kernel is a beautiful brick). And sometimes it happens that when we start the download speed is pretty good, but after some time we see it slow, halved, I sometimes find myself under 56k. Why does it happen?