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Just today I was browsing through an old book of cocktail manual, will have been printed around the seventies and I was very intrigued photos: wonderful. Another aspect that has captured, what I want to talk about today, are the fonts used. If it was a recent book (even up to 20 years ago) in all probability would have been used Times o l’Arial, in this case in particular have been used instead of three characters singular: one for the title, one for the ingredients and another for the body.

I was (and) completely fascinated by the font used for the body text, and also that the title does not leave me indifferent. I decided to put the book under the scanner and take a look on WhatTheFont. The font used for the titles is “ITC Stone Informal LT Bold Regular” (29$), that used for the body of the text is “ITC Century LT Light Italic” (26$), that for the ingredients is “CenturyStd-LightCondensed Regular” (29$). It seems to me just a little’ strange that for all the sets of the three characters used it and I have to spend no 84$ (now little more than 65euro).

Not enough?


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TheJoe · 23 June 2012 at 4:24 PM

Well, just look “”, Encyclopedia of source libero. However, as interesting as font Century Light Italic I've seen a few around.

Srell al Masri · 23 June 2012 at 12:57 PM

Maybe you are also free alternatives (as for the font of facebook and Apple)

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