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And’ It has been almost a year since my last article about a an open source project in a state of neglect. The project was Linux4one, a distribution optimized for Acer Aspire One. Linux4one then made the natural end of each small project that is incorporated, more or less happily, in a bigger project.

The same can not be said of Fusion News, a great manager news based on flat files that I have used so far. From 2007 the only developer (Alex) was the maintainer of the site, a talented guy that when he put his hands on the code 16 years. Oggi ne ha 21, and how much can be learned in the last “new” Site (like many other abandoned projects) the lack of time does not allow for the smooth development (also because of the fact that the development is on the shoulders of a person).

As Alex suggests WordPress and Blogger come alternative, I must say that is not the same thing, and also the end-users are different. Not to mention the fact that some free hosting services do not offer MySQL, but only a PHP interpreter. In addition to these alternatives, Alex suggests CuteNews, another provider of news very similar to Fusion News (light, the same mechanism for the inclusion of news, based on flat files). CuteNews is another nice piece of software with the difference that the code can not be changed (or rather, you can change it, but are prohibited by the license).

A manager news that I used before Fusion News is MyNews di I left because MyNews no longer developed for some years, e ho fatto lo switch a Fusion News.

In short, the news of the abandonment of Fusion News puts me a little’ uncomfortable, but it is the fate of all the small projects. Gradually are updated less often and if you do not add developers (and if the project has not been quite successful) the only way to survive because the project is the inclusion into a larger project, otherwise it will be dropped and with it all users.

Anyway Alex is available to give the baton to whoever would replace him in the undertaking of the development of Fusion News. Any developers will come forward at this email address:


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