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Released Gimp 2.8

E 'of a couple of weeks ago the news of the release of version 2.8 Gimp. The Gimp development team has decided to release the stable version, alternating with the development version, In fact, the latest version can be used (recommended) for the production was the 2.6. Many readers will surely have installed the 2.7 however,, a beta version on the border between the two stable versions useful to have some of the new preview and test the actual stability. Compared to the latest versions 2.7 the stable no surprises. The most important (or maybe that was waiting for the longest time) is the possibility of processing the images in more than 8bit. This means a color depth greater (16bit e 32bit). The following new features:


Fusion News: another project agonizing

It 's been almost a year since my last article about a an open source project in a state of neglect. The project was Linux4one, a distribution optimized for Acer Aspire One. Linux4one then made the natural end of each small project that is incorporated, more or less happily, in a bigger project.


Print: “Canon PIXMA MP495” work with Ubuntu at the first shot

A few days ago I was still looking for a multifunction printer, I definitely orientavo towards a product compatible with Linux, that would support the Network Printing (better if Wi-Fi) e a low environmental impact. I thought I was being pretentious, and rather unexpectedly, I found a deal on Groupon for a printer that (After a brief survey) had all these features.

Today I bought a Canon multifunction printer: a "Canon Pixma MP495". Linux drivers are made available by Canon itself (from the Australian site, luckily there is the internet) via packet ".deb" precompiled architectures "i386" the "amd64", installer or via dedicated.