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I recently bought a cell phone Android, version 2.3.4 (fairly inexpensive), and I have also entered a world of applications for Android.

It must be said that there is a whole world unknown to those who still does not have a new generation mobile that allows the’installation of dedicated applications. The choice is really wide, and applications more or less useful enticed more and more those who now turns out for the first time. We go from complete inutility, to Games arcade, puzzle, puzzle, interactive, at office applications, to Navigators satellite, to diagnostic of the network and monitoring of resources on the device.

First would a small premise regarding the repository of Android applications. The first version was called “Android Market“, market too similar to its main competitors (Apple and Nokia), and not comparable to the use of multimedia content. Today's version is “Google Play Store“, certainly different compared to “Market” and more like a media choice (“play” is the button you press to view a DVD movie or listen to the mp3 player).

The choice of Google is clear, pointing to the provision of multimedia content, and the screenshot below is an example of how it will turn the page of Google Play in the near future (taken from the site of Google Play USA).

Will be the ability to download applications, and “app” will be joined music, film and “E-book“. Unfortunately, to date the service is only available in the United States, in Italy will come in a short time.

Closed this premise, back to the central theme of the article: the application “must have” terminals for Android.

1. Apps Organizer

An application within the reach of any user, solves the problem of cataloging applications (which are usually listed in alphabetical order by pressing the dedicated button). Six categories are already listed by default: “Android“, “Games“, “Internet“, “Multimedia“, “Tools“, “Other Applications“, you can create endless. Some basic applications (such as the address book or the SMS management) are already cataloged under the category “Android”, the user must classify each new application.

The advantage of this application is the ability to create shortcuts on the desktop to retrieve all the applications of a given category. In this way, not remembering how you call a particular app we can exclude all those who do not come into that category, saving a lot’ time.

The category “Games” my cell phone

2. App Backup and Restore

This handy application allows (as the name implies) to carry out the backup applications in your phone, and in case of damage to restore an old backup. The backup is saved in a directory on the SD card (file is shrunk “.apk“). Be aware though that the program creates a backup of one application, then the settings are not saved within the file “.apk”.

And it's’ You can select more than one app

3. Battery circle

Come “Battery Circle” There are a variety of applications, and surely this is not the richest of options, but I think that simply performs its job well. It occupies the top left corner to indicate at all times the state of charge of the battery in percentage terms. If you could would replace the battery icon (almost useless) with this application. Nothing more, nothing less.

The battery status is indicated in the top bar on the left
More information is shown by dragging the top bar

4. File Expert

With “File Expert” we can forward files to other devices means bluetooth, wi-fi, ftp, and many others (also files “.apk”), surpassing the limitations imposed by Android. It is also a file browser to explore the phone files, supports image previews, allows sharing, interacting with other apps installed and has a clean style and essential.

Look here:  TeamViewer come VNC, or better

5. Sky Map

Sky Map è un open source software developed by Google, Mobile clone of the less famous open source software for PC Stellarium. The application allows to recognize stars and constellations pointing the phone to what interests us in heaven. Pointing it at the bottom you can see the sky on the other side of the globe. The functions are many, from “time machine” to Greek representation of the constellations. Very light does not download much of the battery when in use.

6. Ping & DNS

Every good network administrator can not do without a program for the analysis of the network. Ping & DNS does just that. Possible actions are “Ping“, “DNS“, “Reverse DNS“, “Whois“, “HTTP Header“, “Traceroute“, “Check Port“. Basically everything you need in a simple.

I perform a traceroute to the Google server

7. Sygic: GPS Navigation

As the title, Sygic is a software for the satellite navigation. Unlike the vast majority of its competitors Sygic allows the Downloading maps on the device (the Italian one is around 400MB) for offline browsing, then does not need internet to plot the location on the map. If the user has a phone contract which includes the internet you can report speed camera mobilization of Detours. It is also possible download a trial version free (expires after one week), then you will need to purchase the full version (the cost is negligible). The navigation software is very accurate, recalculates the route very quickly, 3d view also includes pads, the information is accurate and the maps are free.

8. imo instant messenger

Like other similar services, IMO allows log in only once to access multiple IM chat. The application is nothing more than a bridge to the online service With nice graphics and good usability, I think IMO overtaking all his fellows like Meebo and eBuddy.

The contacts window

 9. Cut the Rope

A simple play. The skill is in “feed” the monster with the ball cutting the ropes that hold up. The game is simple and intuitive, levels are gradually more complicated. There is a free version, but the main application costs just 0,68EUR. And it's’ one of the few toys for which would pay a small price.

10. Raging Thunder 2 – FREE

This arcade game is very well done, the graphics are well-kept. It reminds me very International Rally Championship PC. It is very heavy to perform (until now has never locked), one of the few to give a chance to challenge other players online.

11. Jota Text Editor

I would have had to stop 10, but the temptation to enter Jota was stronger than me. It is a nice project open source (there are few fully open on Play Store), face to form a software editing testi per Android. It can handle even very large text files, and supports a myriad of character encodings. Much like gEdit.

12. aGrep

Ok, I give you another gift. The software aGrep (it will be easy for a linux user intuit) allows the search for a regular expression in multiple text files. The function is exactly identical to “grip” under Linux.

I decided not to mention applications such as Skype andAngry Birds, not because they deserve it, but simply because they need no introduction.


I keep this blog as a hobby by 2009. I am passionate about graphic, technology, software Open Source. Among my articles will be easy to find music, and some personal thoughts, but I prefer the direct line of the blog mainly to technology. For more information contact me.


Gianni1945 · 5 March 2013 at 12:45 AM

thanks really thanks for your review, I might indicate an app. bar to keep my contacts on the playbook with Android? thanks again

    TheJoe · 5 March 2013 at 7:33 AM

    Hello John and thanks for the comment,
    the simplest thing that pops into my mind is to sync your contacts with gmail.
    Unfortunately, not having a blackberry device, I can not be of great help, mi spiace.
    Let us know how it went.

sofia figari · 3 February 2013 at 7:49 AM

ébellissimo which is very enjoyable!!!!!!!!

DaAsFlickred · 28 April 2012 at 11:15 AM

Cute the rope is a disease.. : D
great review Joe!!!

Voucher · 27 April 2012 at 3:50 PM

Nice article .. good TheJoe, thanks to your help I downloaded two that I had completely forgotten App…ah, carino Cut The Rope eh!!

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