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Working with Google docs, as if we were working in local


This article was written in the 2012, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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In today's article we see a little hack to access our Google docs as if we were working in local. In practice "'ll mount" the cloud of our documents made available by Google to a local folder. We can browse between the files as locally, rename, move, copy, As if they were on our pc.

The software that will handle the sharing is called "google-docs-fs", a small script in Python with API Fuse, available for Linux and Mac.

Before installation, be met few dependencies (for all systems):

  • Python >= 2.5
  • fuse-python >= 0.2
  • CDATA-python >= 2.0.0

Typically installing Python on Linux installs all the dependencies mentioned so far.

The latest version is available on the repository "Mercurial", and can be downloaded from the terminal by typing the command:

hg clone / google-docs-fs

After unpacking the archive you just downloaded will be sufficient initialize the setup:

./ install

Ubuntu users are a bit 'more advantaged. Some have already completed the necessary packages and made them available on Launchpad.

We finished the setup configure access to our cloud. The command is as follows:

Gmount / mnt / gdocs

The command is as simple as fast, check that you have the right to access the share folder, or choose a directory in the home (usually the user has access to all their directories). Mountain in "/mnt/gdocs/ documents that account "". You will be asked to enter the relevant password.

We use a command similar to "disassemble" sharing:

gumount /mnt/gdocs

The software is currently in development (although the last release dates back to last year), but we are still at an early release, and not being developed by Google (or developers entourage), Not all features are available. For example there are restrictions in the format, supports only ".doc", ".xls", ".ppt" (Office formats).

The developers are still very available, and encourage (in case of non-operation, or malfunction) of sending them the debug with the option "-d" at the end of the command "gmount", as follows:

Gmount / mnt / gdocs

In each case there a FAQ section (in inglese) official googlecode.


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