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Today we talk about internet browsing, precisely di più server DNS. For the uninitiated DNS servers are responsible of’addressing of our request as a string (example ““) to the server where the site exists physically. In practice dealing with “translate” an understandable address man in plain IP address from your computer.

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Taken from Wikipedia.
The system of domain names, in inglese Domain Name System (often referred to by DNS), is a system used for the resolution of names of network nodes (in inglese host) into IP addresses and vice versa. The service is realized by a distributed database, consists of the DNS server.

I server DNS, however, can also be set for block content. A kind of external filter to the computer usable for example for the parental control. By setting the DNS “filter” directly on the router (if the router is configured to act as a DNS server) we will be able to filter at once all the connections of the devices connected to that router. The condition for this to happen is that the devices have connected as a DNS server to the IP of the router.

ADSL providers usually have the DNS servers, on which convey the traffic of its customers for the resolution of the host. It often happens (I hope not only in Italy) that the provider's DNS server is not updated the last record, and then have to wait a few days for us towards a specific website. We're talking days.

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A good alternative to the DNS server of our provider, is OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a service completely free for personal use, they are two separate DNS server that they do their job of DNS servers. The main aim of the OpenDNS servers at the time of their creation (in the far 2006) was to create a DNS untied by governments and military agencies, censorship to prevent it. Over the years the service was then enriched for example with the possibility of monitoring its connection, it is possible to block access to certain sites, can be used for example in schools to block social networks. All additional services that can only be activated after you have registered.

Monitorare l’accesso

The configuration is very simple, and on the website (in inglese) is explained eat configure different operating systems, mobile devices and consoles. The IP addresses of the two DNS “” and ““. The normal DNS service, without additional monitoring functions, works even without register.


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DaAsFlickred · 28 March 2012 at 4:39 PM

excellent article joe!!
OpenDNS is an excellent service
content filter is very useful!! 🙂

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