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Some of you may remember Tilda, the handy application that the touch of a button showed the terminal in a configurable part of the screen. So I see on the official website hosted on sourceforge it seems that the project is stopped by the 2008. I wrote a brief guide on this application because I thought it although small, still useful and worthy of note. In the same spirit today I speak of “nautilus-terminal“: another small application that integrates the terminal in a nautilus window.

The steps to install it on Ubuntu are a few simple. First, add a PPA repository.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flozz / flozz

Refresh the packages so that Ubuntu will notice the new repository.

$ sudo apt-get update

We install “nautilus-terminal”.

$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-terminal

If we did all these operations with GDM off, simply turn it on and the terminal will be naturally integrated, otherwise we have to restart Nautilus. The command is as follows.

$ nautilus -q

It should be noted that “nautilus-terminal” is not only a “window inside the window”. At the change of our position between the folders, and the terminal will change its position. It is also configurable in the colors and behaviors.

And here is a screenshot taken directly from the official site.

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