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Easter eggs: snake su Youtube

Easter is coming and to be on topic we talk about "Easter Eggs". Among these pages has already talked about Easter Eggs, a way of bringing in a nice new potential users of the software, or to entertain those who already use the program.

The Easter Egg today comes from Youtube, the well-known site video-. Perhaps not everyone knows that the video window you can play Snake. Snake is a game dated, that has its roots in the early game consoles and (many will remember) Nokia phones in the 90s.


Change DNS to a different navigation

Today we talk about internet browsing, precisely di più server DNS. For those who do not know the DNS servers are responsible for the 'addressing of our request as a string (example "") to the server where the site exists physically. In practice dealing with "translate" a human-perceivable address into an IP address understandable by the computer.


The keyword “(not provided)” in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool available to us free of charge thanks to Google. It offers a myriad of possibilities from the possibility of monitor access, to the frequency control with which a visitor returns to the site, the Click sections, the click less and also keywords that after the route to the site search.

Since Google has implemented SSL on users logged in, however,, appeared voice "(not provided)" in my statistics. At the beginning it was a very low percentage to which I have given due weight, after several years of operation, however,, I find the voice "not provided" to the 64,52%, now third among all research.


Integrated display terminal in Nautilus

Some of you may remember Tilda, the handy application that the touch of a button showed the terminal in a configurable part of the screen. So I see on the official website hosted on sourceforge it seems that the project is stopped by the 2008. I wrote a brief guide on this application because I thought it although small, still useful and worthy of note. In the same spirit today I speak of "nautilus-terminal": another small application that integrates the terminal window in nautilus.

The steps to install it on Ubuntu are a few simple. First, add a PPA repository.


LibreOffice “Calc”: coloring alternate rows

When we have a small table (one or two pages maximum) give a color to the background of the rows alternately can be a procedure, although manual, fast enough. But what happens when we have a table to more 1.000 record? The method of copy paste quote manual may also be an acceptable solution, but unnecessarily lose a lot of time, then I started to look for a method that I did save some money and I found the Conditional Formatting.

The Conditional Formatting is nothing more than the imposition of the conditions to the spreadsheet. If the condition is satisfied there will be a consequence, if it is not satisfied with the result will be another.