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From the birth of CSS3 web designers are literally crazy for countless new possibilities available. Some of the most striking are the ability to create a’shading (also blurred) below the text or to any element, the possibility of rotate the pieces how many degrees you want, effects fade-in and fade-out and some simple animations in bother. The trend seems to be to abandon (the comunque diminuire) the use of graphics software in favor of sophisticated rendering via CSS.

It should be remembered that CSS3 is not yet fully supported by browsers, explorer that even in the new versions usually responds in a rather unusual way to many instructions, e che Firefox (and programs based on Gecko) has alternative topics to those required by the W3C. The consequence is that it is not recommended to use CSS3 if there is no guarantee backward compatibility with browsers that do not yet support the special.

In this regard, I recently came across a site that left me literally speechless, not so much as to be structured, As for the contents. It is “CSSDeck“, a cauldron containing dozens of examples of the use of CSS3 undoubted skills. In particular, they pleasantly fascinated me some examples of use in which it was previously essential to use JavaScript, but now it is possible to structure a CSS. Shall offer some of the most striking creations.

Stretchy Searchbox

It is a classic navigation menu, where gradient background, rounded edges, fade-in effect / fade-out on hover and animation on the focus of the field research are created directly through CSS, the only image used is the small magnifying glass, the rest is a render CSS3.

Look here:  PSD Graphics, graphic resources

Amazing CSS3 Pressable Button

Another animation of a graphic impact are the snaps. In this case, however, the pressure also corresponds to a small shading, that makes the pressure more realistic.

Shiny Semi-Transparent Colored Buttons

A set of buttons from the realistic touch with animation on mouseover and click to another.


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