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In today's article I try to give a little’ visibility in extension to Firefox which saves paper, Ink / toner and environment. It is Print Edit, as we will see allows modify the print preview di Firefox, removing the superfluous, images, advertising and not only.

The following information is taken from the download page of the add-on available between the official Firefox add-ons.

To begin with

To start using Print Edit, you follow these points:

  1. Start Firefox and loads the page to be printed.
  2. If the main menu of Firefox is visible, selectFile” – “Print Edit“. In otherwise Click the orange button Firefox top left, select “Print” – “Print Edit“. The Print Edit toolbar will be displayed at the top of the window, and the page to be printed can be modified under.
  3. Move your mouse within the content Page, you'll see that the elements on mouseover are outlined in red. Click to select the item. By clicking on other items you can select more than one.
  4. Selected items, on the toolbar of the Print buttons you can click Edit “Delete” to delete. In this case, the next item will take the place of the deleted.
  5. Or “Hide” to hide. In this case, the hidden element will continue to occupy the space dedicated to him, but will not print.
  6. Click the button “Preview” to get an idea of ​​the final layout of the printed page. Clicking “Print” obviously the page will print.
  7. Click the button “Edit” to return to the edit mode and make other changes to page. With the button “Close” it will exit from Print Edit mode and return to normal navigation.
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User Preferences

Print Edit allows you to change the content of the pages before printing. The advantage of being able to modify the print preview is removal of unwanted content, as advertising, web-toolbars, or blank pages.

Con Print Edit, all the content shown in the preview can be formatted, hidden or deleted. And’ You can switch to the mode “Print Edit” (and modify the contents) a “Print Preview” (to view) and vice versa as often as necessary.

All the elements “active” (how the elements of animated graphics) are disabled yes Print Edit, and are shown as a block in gray stripes.

Le CSS Print Stylesheets sono incluse di default in Print Edit, so that the page to be edited is closest possible to the web page. CSS Print Stylesheets can be removed using the button “Web Style”.


There are many ways to print content on the web. Personally I have always enjoyed finding a CSS for printing included in the website, but this does not always happen. Many prefer to copy the contents of the web page into a word processor file and print it from there. The solution presented today is no more right or more wrong, I think the fastest.


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