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CSSDeck: many ideas from web design professionals

From the birth of CSS3 web designers are literally crazy for countless new possibilities available. Some of the most striking are the ability to create a 'shading (also blurred) below the text or to any element, the possibility of rotate the pieces how many degrees you want, effects fade-in and fade-out and some simple animations in bother. The trend seems to be to abandon (the comunque diminuire) the use of computer graphics in favor of sophisticated rendering via CSS.


LibreOffice “Calc”: define the first row of each page

LibreOffice is a suite of open source office for excellence, created by the project OpenOffice when it was bought (along with other products SUN Microsystems) the Oracle. "Calc" is one of the programs included in the suite LibreOffice, it is a spreadsheet. Today's article tries to make life easier for those who need to always have certain cells as a page header.

The header row included in Calc, reached by following the menu "Format" - "Page" - "Header row"- "Edit", is basic and is explained in the screenshot taken from the program, below.


Printed: Print Layout for web pages

In today's article I try to give a little 'visibility extension to Firefox which saves paper, Ink / toner and environment. It is Print Edit, as we will see allows change the print preview di Firefox, removing the superfluous, images, advertising and not only.

The following information is taken from the download page of the add-ons available between the official Firefox add-on.