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WordPress 3.3 è qui: What's new


This article was written in the 2011, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Just today I updated WordPress to version 3.3 in italiano, and I must say that the WordPress team is committed to considerably improve its'Usability. First, after the upgrade, you will be automatically redirected to a landing page that explains the changes and the change of habit for the user.

First were reduced the clicks in the left menu. If before it was necessary to click on an item to open the drop down menu containing the submenu, Now you can see the submenu Hover. A great time saver for those who are forced to always do the same actions in a repetitive. In the top bar now appeared on the left some magical voices including "+ fresh" to add a new content, icon to administer the comments and "Clear the cache". On the right is still the ability to access the page profile change (a little 'Google style).

In the article page insertion the uploader was unified, now there is only one icon for uploading content, and is supported on "drag and drop" Computer Article. WordPress alone understands the type of file. Are also supported also "rar" e i "7zip".

I loved the pop-up (completely non-invasive) when understood in a page that includes a new feature.

Squidoo is also a non-visual improvement: jQuery and jQuery UI are automatically included.


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