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As announced in the last tutorial, what follows is a quick and easy way to “sewingtoppe e scritte sui jeans. Obviously we will do everything with Gimp, 'm not very good with needle and thread.

For this tutorial we will use some resources readily available on the web (or in this site), and in the specific:

First open the file created the last tutorial, should be a file of size 640 x 480 with a texture tipo jeans (below).

Now we select the character set to be “sewing” sul jeans. As already said, usserò “Deftone Stylus“. With the instrument “Text” () write text on the image of our choice.

Duplicate now the level newly created (“Jeans”) and we extend the to the entire image (If you click your Right).

At this point click again with the right on the last level and created selectAlpha to Selection“. Will be selected only the colored areas image, distinguishing the alpha channel.

Now click on “Selection” – “Enlarge“, and confirm 3 pixel.

Fill the selection you just created with the white, move the level selected (“Jeans#1“) below level “Jeans” and uncheck (“Select” – “Nothing“).

Now we will create the seams our patch. To do this click with the right on the level “Jeans” and selectAlpha to Selection“. As will be selected before the sun areas containing the color. Now we go to the menu “Select” – “Enlarge“, and we set a value of 3 pixel.

Look here:  10 filters for Gimp you should know

Convertiremo Now select the newly created to a path. Let's go to the Paths tab click on icon in the bottom bar “Selection to Path” (below).

This will create a new track called “Selection” which follows the route of selection. Now we remove the selection by going to “Select” – “Nothing“, back in the tab of the levels and create a new layer, we will call “Seams“. We select the color #c4a100 for first floor, go back once again in the tab of the tracks and click (always in the lower part) l’iconaDraw along the route“.

In the window that will open we set the following values.

To set additional traits and sufficient click in the toolbar relative to “Dash Pattern“, are added directly.

At this point, everyone is free to “play” as he wants on the result, I prefer it wrong, can serve a small shading next to the seams. As usual there is no limit.


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