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In many works of graphic happen to need to add an “effetto jeans“? It may be for poster, posters, posters. For me so far I've always gone to look for some stock photo, or me the photos are taken by me, but in today's tutorial we see how to get the same effect (nearly photorealistic) with Gimp.

First, create a new image file to work. I will use the standard size “640 x 480“. The background will be blu (in my case I used the following hex: #393a6e).

We will use the disorder to create the typical imperfections of raw fabrics like jeans. Let us go into the menu item “Filters” – “Disorder” – “Disturbo RGB“, we will use the following values.

The jeans, however, is a particular fabric, the different parts that “bind” the pants are sewn diagonally, following a direction of about 45 degrees. Therefore add the black lines, equidistant, of 45 degrees and to do that we will use a pattern. We create a new level from the Layers dialog, setting the size of the new layer double compared to that of the image.

Now select the tool “Filling” () from the main window and modify the initial settings as follows. We select the reason “Stripes“, and notStripes fine“.

At this point, ensuring that the level selected is the’last created (to double size), you can click on the image and fill horizontal lines.

Look here:  Change wears

With the instrument “Wheel” () we tilt the level of -45°. Posizioniamo then the level “Stripes” in the center, making sure that the diagonal stripes covering the entire surface.

At this point, giving a closer look at the image we understand to be already well: the fabric is already almost photorealistic. But there is another small step before the conclusion. We make invisible the top level (“Stripes“), select the level “Background” and we go to the menu “Filters” – “Map” – “Mappa a sbalzo“. Insert the following values.

It would seem that we now have just finished with jeans.

In the next tutorial we will see how creating sui cuciture them jeans starting from the result of this tutorial to obtain a result more or less like this.


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TheJoe · 28 November 2011 at 4:00 PM

Thanks, Da.
I'm seeing him with another screen. I have to say that depending on the monitor the result changes significantly.

DaAsFlickered · 28 November 2011 at 3:18 PM

excellent tutorial.. 🙂
the result is very realistic!!

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