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The advice today is fast and (hopefully) helpful. Sometimes I happen to write some articles divided into sections. So far I have never raised the issue of assigning a sequential number to each section (as is the case with the chapters). Today I raised the issue. This procedure can be useful for example when we want to insert A small menu at the beginning, alluding to the section listed (type Wikipedia). Let's see how.

The classic HTML code for the numbered list is as follows:

   <li>Test text 1</li>
   <li>Text Test 2</li>

With this code will build a numbered list ordered. Suppose you have to write our text section between the section “Test text 1” and “Test text 2“. The W3C informs us that it is not allowed to enter “the case” the tag “<p>“. You must first close “<ol>”, insert the contents of “<p>”, reopen “<ol>” and reinsert “<li>”. In a nutshell start a new numbered list. To start it by the number “2” the code is “<li value="2">“. Following the example of formatting:

   <li>Title 1</li>
<p>This is a description.</p>
   <li value="2">Title 2</li>
<p>This is the second description.</p>

Let's see how it is:

  1. Headline 1

This is a description.

  1. Headline 1

This is the second description.

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