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Plugins are add-on modules that "collaborating"With the main program will extend the functionality. Let us take as an example Firefox. Firefox is a web browser very reliable, very safe (fra i più sicuri), which also draws its strength from the simplicity of installation and use of third-party plug-ins available on the official website largely the same.

But today we talk about plugin certainly less known, and production-oriented audio. Today we talk about LinuxDSP.

I LinuxDSP plugins are very similar to proprietary plugins VST (of Steinberg Cubase), with the peculiarity of being available for GNU / Linux. But I must record that unlike the majority of the software that suddenly the blog, these plugins are closed source, but there is a free demo version that allows you to test its functionality on your system to 30 seconds, after which the plugin is deactivated alone. Can be reactivated, but will be a maximum other 30 seconds. As capabilities are not very different than the LADSPA (always available for GNU / Linux, open source), but the first noticeable difference to the eye is definitely the attractive interface.

The fact of not being open source, facto does not automatically make the inaccessible LinuxDSP. Take for example the’parametric equalizer 10 band, that costs about 25 GBP (Today on 28 EUR). To give you an idea of ​​how much it costs a piece of software like take a trip on Google, one of the first results is the site, excellent source to estimate the prices of instruments and audio equipment on the web. A parametric equalizer 5 band Steinberg's coast 449 EUR.

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The only requirements for installation are sound server Jack and graphics libraries GTK.


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