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Worth1000: a site for creative

The policeman Snoop Dog introduces the topic of today. It is a graphics site at the highest levels: Worth1000. Worth1000 is a site of image manipulations and Competitions (contest) online (the Snoop Dog I posted today is one of the manipulations taken from the site). It was opened in 2002, and today is home to more than 340.000 images Unique among its contest (the first and most popular) entitled "Rejected Transformers", "Invisible World" and "Stupid Protests". In the mid- 2003, began to host similar competitions, but directed towards the photo, the drafting texts and other multimedia content.

The site was designed by Avi Muchnick and Israel Derdik. The first gave him the name that after saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", in italiano "a picture is worth a thousand words".

The site itself has been mentioned several times, svariati the media: Publications, TV e radio. In addition Worth1000 and users have created three books on image manipulation "When Pancakes Go Bad", "I've Got a Human in my Throat" and "More than one way to skin a cat".

In addition to the contest on the manipulations, on photography, and on editing texts, Worth1000 include contest sulla painting, on sculpture, on pixel art and the creation of company logos (paid according to the needs of the applicant company).

The level of Worth1000 achieved over the years is very high, I dare say that this is the site with the technical level / artistic, Free content higher than the ones I know. Nevertheless, it is open to any user, by novices to experts in digital editing.


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