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For some time I discovered that Google has implemented documenting il login multiple multiple accounts in one, feature until a few years ago in high demand but still impossible.

In short, anyone can log in with multiple accounts Google (the Youtube) simultaneously, with the same browser. This operation does not bind irreversibly accounts (that maintain their characteristics such as passwords and user info) and does not require special. First you need to enable multiple login.

There logghiamo with the Google account that we use primarily in and go configuration page.

Di default login you Multiplo is disabled (not everyone needs this feature), in my case I already enabled. To enable it click on “Edit” the voice “Simultaneous access“.

For me the service is not activated immediately, I had to wait a few hours. And’ possible that, now that the testing phase is over, both the immediate implementation, but I do not I can give for sure. To make simultaneous access we have access to any Google service (Gmail, Picasa, Reader, etc..), Google automatically displays a space in the bar at the top right corner, containing our address email or the name and surname. We click in this space and we shall see the following menu (I blacked out all the email addresses for obvious reasons):

Cliccheremo lower right voice “Switch Accounts” and we shall see this other pulldown:

From here on it's all elementary: clicking the item “Sign into another account…” will open a new page to enter the latter credentials, we will enter automatically inserting them in the second account.

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To use one account or the other simply click back into space at the top right contains the email address or name and surname, and select the desired account.

In this way, those who have registered on youtube before Gmail was available to the general public can enter with both accounts, without problems posting.

Strange that Google has implemented multiple log only now, I think an essential improvement.


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