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Some audio plugin: LinuxDSP

Plugins are add-on modules that "collaborating"With the main program will extend the functionality. Let us take as an example Firefox. Firefox is a web browser very reliable, very safe (fra i più sicuri), which also draws its strength from the simplicity of installation and use of third-party plug-ins available on the official website largely the same.

But today we talk about plugin certainly less known, and production-oriented audio. Today we talk about LinuxDSP.


Worth1000: a site for creative

The policeman Snoop Dog introduces the topic of today. It is a graphics site at the highest levels: Worth1000. Worth1000 is a site of image manipulations and Competitions (contest) online (the Snoop Dog I posted today is one of the manipulations taken from the site). It was opened in 2002, and today is home to more than 340.000 images Unique among its contest (the first and most popular) entitled "Rejected Transformers", "Invisible World" and "Stupid Protests". In the mid- 2003, began to host similar competitions, but directed towards the photo, the drafting texts and other multimedia content.

The site was designed by Avi Muchnick and Israel Derdik. The first gave him the name that after saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", in italiano "a picture is worth a thousand words".


Mount a remote device in tunneling “sshfs”

Several articles ago I explained how to mount a remote machine via FTP, so that the PC on which we operate is seen as a directory locale. The program used to establish the connection between the two machines is unpronounceable: "curlftpfs". Today we will do the same thing, but the protocol used will be the 'SSH. We will find a number of similarities with the article previously developed, one in all the impronunciabilità the software used: "sshfs".

How much of the useful software, "sshfs" is directly installed via repository. It will be enough to look inside the graphical tool in use at the distribution.


Worst Sites Ever

Innauguro today a new page: "Worst Sities Ever". I was undecided whether to create a category to be filled with a new site every time, or if you list all the sites on the same page. I opted for the second option, also because it will not be a regularly updated section. Evaluate at a later time (if successful) whether to create a special category.

The new page will have the only purpose of listing (as the name implies) the worst sites in circulation, what did not meet standards, those inusabili, those look bad, those designed without criteria, etc.. A huge calderone the worst of the web. Find the link in the menu on top of the site "W.S.E.", is going to "Worst Sities Ever", the worst sites ever made.