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Today we see a small program in PHP on that adapts well to any of our web pages. It is HTML Purifier a common libreria PHP, that cleans up the HTML dates of the pages by removing all tag e i markup unnecessary, that often weigh down the page. Also makes the code of our pages secure (I'm thinking about dynamic sites: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc..) contrasting effectively XSS attacks (Cross-site scripting).

For those who want to use HTML Purifier hand operation is more than obvious; downloaded and extracted the package we give write permissions the folder /HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer:

chmod 755 /HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer

Now recall the library the page where we want to use

require_once ''

At this point, if properly configured script, the library will be able to parse the pages and return results “filtered“.

But there are shortcuts for those who use the CMS:

Maybe a little slow’ the load of the page, but it's a risk I'm willing to take if the offset is greater safety.

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