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WordPress e phpBB insieme con WP-United


This article was written in the 2011, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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More than a month after the last item back to talk about WordPress (the well-known CMS voted to blog), this time how to integrate it with phpBB (the well-known manager of community, the forum manager). Today is just an informative article, unfortunately I have not had time to test the operation, the simplicity and reliability of the package. For now I just segnarlarne the existence.

Recently I stumbled upon WP-United, a mod for phpBB3 that combines and integrates a blog WordPress and a forum phpBB. As far as I hear from user manual seems very easy to install, neither more nor less than a simple mod for phpBB. Installation is carried out in five easy steps:

  1. Installing WordPress: is sought installation directory ie WordPress,
  2. Integration of log: Asks if you want to integrate the login phpBB and WordPress, and displays various options for the association,
  3. Graphic integration and behaviors: Asks if you want to integrate the template, with various options. E 'can then integrate In WordPress phpBB graphics or vice versa,
  4. Settings blogger: Asks if you want to give users of the forum the possibility of "build" One blog. If you decided not to integrate the login this step is not displayed.
  5. Connections: This step activates WP-United installing a plugin in WordPress and setting various options of WordPress so it will work with phpBB.
  6. Fine: This last step is a final confirmation. If you are here it means that everything went as planned. Now you can click on the button "donate" and make a donation. They are good too few dollars.

It seems that the installation is automatic, and should be painlessly. For now I limit myself to pointing out the existence, but in the next few days I will have a little 'time to test the actual operation. Will I write a full review.


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  1. excellent!! 😀

  2. in reality I was planning to open a forum for photography.. I'm giving you the news exclusively..

  3. to try!! 🙂

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