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Alarm-clock: An alarm clock for Linux


This article was written in the 2011, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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If we have no desire or time to configure cron with the terminal, we can use "alarm-clock", an alarm clock by which you can set of events at fixed times for Linux.

"Alarm-clock" is a small and simple package already present in the repository Ubuntu and Fedora. Ubuntu is installed with the most classic:

$ sudo apt-get install alarm-clock

We find the little program below "Applications" - "Accessories" - "Alarm Clock".

At start we realize immediately the simplicity of the program.

Meanwhile, it is possible to set cutest. Clicking on the icon with the symbol "+" add a new alarm, to which we assign deadline Daily, monthly, Weekly, yearly, or one day, the period precise year. For notification you can choose between the classic sound the alarm, a pop-up window, a dialog, theexecution of a command, or a 'standard action.

If then we need to set various false alarms on the same line it is still possible create models customized for future use.

Once the alarm, will be visible (as first screenshot) in the main window the program, the last column shows the remaining time when the time.

"Alarm-clock", as already mentioned is a very small program light, simple and full, definitely not going to change your life, but can help to lighten.


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  1. Hello , it exists for raspberry s please , or an alternative …?

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