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The simple backup with “Déjà Dup”


This article was written in the 2011, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Apparently a simple interface is not always synonymous with a lack of features. The software we are talking about today is Déjà Dup, a simple tool developed for Gnome, initially only for Fedora 13 and already used by the next unborn home Canonical Ubuntu 11.10.

Although the included software will be released to Ubuntu 11.10, This does not mean that we can not already install and run. Among other things, has long been present in the repositories of Ubuntu is that Fedora.

To Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install dejadup

To Fedora:

$ sudo yum-y install dejadup

As the name with a vague Gallicism, "Déjà Dup" will take care of backup. The more experienced user will be able to complain when you first start the program interface meager: a menu, and Taste "Restore" e and Taste "Backup". Anything else.

The interface of Déjà Dup in Ubuntu

Starting it the first time we will be helped by a configuration window to set our preferences. It will be here that we will choose where to save the backup also being able to choose between Local the remote. Among the most important features I would mention the following:

  • With the option "Include / Exclude file" choose paths to be backed up (this is. include /home / utente / exclude /home/utente/.gimp-2.6 /),
  • And 'possible criptare i backup,
  • And 'possible to create backup automatici daily, Weekly, monthly or any due mesi.

Save your preferences we can proceed with the backup. As simple as it is powerful.


For those who want to peek at some screenshots before installing the board the official project page of


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