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Lighting effects to images with Gimp and the pack “Lomo Light Leaks”

Today I report an interesting site from which I often take inspiration for the writing of my tutorials. The site is, and as you can easily guess from the name of the domain is a site full of resources for PhotoShop, usable for most of the cases even with Gimp.

Today we see the "Lomo Light Leaks" pack, a collection of effects to add to their photos to make them look old. In pratica si tratta di 71 different images with the effect "flare" or reflex lenses. To apply the effect to the picture you want, simply open the "Light Leak" as a new layer overlaid on the main and change the mode from "Usual" a "Screen". I also recommend you to resize the "Leak" to be applied to the size of the main image.


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  1. ah ok, grazie mille 🙂 comunque sono veramente fantastici questi effetti, complimenti 😉

  2. Hello Matteo,
    Meanwhile, thanks for commenting. We point out, however, that as indicated by the poster Site (the voice “about” Menu) this website is exclusively open source software. Photoshop is not covered.

    Mode “Screen” find it at the top of the toolbox. There is a menu where is selected “Usual”. And’ to change with “Screen”.

  3. Sorry I realized now that you've used gimp, photoshop how do instead?

  4. how do I change the screen mode? non riesco 🙁

  5. 🙂 ho dato un occhio.. is really complete the pack..

  6. Thanks David.. and thinks that I took the first layer that I happened (inter alia one of the most losers). In the pack there are colorful!

  7. really cool, this effect!!

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