Photography: how to use ISO values

In today's article we talk about photography, and precisely on the value of the optimization ISO depending on exposure or aperture.

We begin by saying that the term ISO indicates the standard to which we are referring to indicate the sensitivity of the internal sensor of the digital cameras in relation to light. In other words, by setting a low ISO value we will have a little light-sensitive sensor and a photo darker, vice versa (with the same aperture and exposure times) with very high ISO values ​​we will have a more sensitive sensor and a dramatically clearer picture (with some grain of digital noise in most, but more about that later). (more…)

He was born BlueGriffon, an HTML editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox

Not so long ago themselves parlava of KompoZer: an HTML editor created by the code of abandoned NCE, who was born in the Code of abandoned Mozilla Composer and Netscape Gold. From 10 May, instead arises BlueGriffon, another fork of the project released under the triple license: “Mozilla Public License 1.1“, “GNU General Public License Version 2” and “GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1“. The first announcement on the official website (dated 30 September two years ago) reads these words: (more…)

“Level out” the volume of our MP3 library with MP3Gain

With the brief advice today we talk about music, or rather how to simplify a perennial problem of those who have a wide libreria MP3 in which each track is ripped to a different volume.

How many times has it happened to put our MP3 player playing and having random every time tinkering with the volume because a song “save“, and the other does not feel? The solution is, and is called MP3Gain. MP3Gain is a program open source whose sole purpose is leveling (the technical term is correct “normalize“) the output volume of an audio file. (more…)