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Today we see a useful tool made available by Google. For some time I have in two articles on the site custom font, but I never decided to finalize, and today I come up with custom font di Google. We start from the recent past to get to the, I like to do things backwards, and maybe in one of my future articles you will see how to include your custom fonts on web pages by uploading, or how to install OpenOffice on a Commodore 64.

The font that we take as an example is “Just another hand“, font un tipo “handwritten” that we could use for the security.

The steps are very simple. First you need to embed the font in our page, so that it can be called up via CSS rules. To do this, click on “Use this font” and follow the instructions.

Add the following code in the section “<head>” of our website.

<link href=' Another Hand' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

We associate the character to a tag HTML will choose us.

h1 { font-family: 'Just Another Hand', arial, serif; }

Google takes as an example “h1“, but clearly you can define a classroom, a id, or a different tag at will.

And you're done.


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