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Tutorial: Effect “macro” a panorama with Gimp

In today's tutorial we deal with a particular technique, that will make our curious photos. To macro photography (or more simply "macro") means the photograph of the small details to which the eye hardly pays attention. There will certainly have seen online, or in some magazines nature of some larger picture microscopic bugs, or all the classic photo 'compound eye Fly. Everything is imperceptible at first glance, but with a good goal "macro" you can also accurately distinguish the compound eye.

In today's tutorial, however, do not deal with macro photography, but the blur resulting from macro to reality. All fiction, nothing macros for today.


Some methods for countering email spam

The satirical cartoon of today, of Randy Glasbergen introduces us to the problem of SPAM, a true scourge of the Internet. In some recent statistics the proportion of spam on all e-mails sent each day reaches'82%, and it is not difficult to compile statistics on their personal email box. For example, the 21 April I received eight spam emails... and eight email "good". The methane.

The scourge of spam is also due to little control providers "too cheap", or to laws of some countries too "libertine" that do not impose controls providers. But there is a solution to all, indeed there are several. Some time ago I've had to include an email address in the clear between the pages of a site. Write the address unencrypted email is tantamount to saying: "I'm here to receive SPAM", so I have documented and the solutions are many.


Enable a swap on any external drive connected (USB also)

In today's article we deal with computer and speed. Consequence of the granting of Windows 7 I became aware of a new, small utility: ReadyBoost. In practice is nothing more than a swap USB drive: enter the key, enable ReadyBoost on the stick, disappears from the key resources and is used for storage of temporary files (not all, some files targeted).

Perhaps not everyone knows that enable a swap USB is not recommended due to (maybe three) main reasons:


Enter a font “custom” by CSS, without upload

Today we see a useful tool made available by Google. For some time I have in two articles on the site custom font, but I never decided to finalize, and today I come up with custom font di Google. We start from the recent past to get to the, I like to do things backwards, and maybe in one of my future articles you will see how to include your custom fonts on web pages by uploading, or how to install OpenOffice on a Commodore 64.

The font that we take as an example is "Just another hand", font un tipo "handwritten" that we could use for the security.