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GTranslate: a widget for automatic translation

Today we see up close one of the most automatisms that I have made my life easier on the web. Many of us know the "Language Tools" offered by Google, but not everyone knows that it is possible integrate the buttons "flag" on its own site to make a machine translation, snapshot of all the content without changing the address in the URL bar. I'm talking about GTranslate, a book which deals with the instant translation of all the content that is on a page; and an example you can see it by clicking on the flags in the right column, at the top of this site. In this case, the library is integrated in a a WordPress plugin (the motor that "turn" this blog), but you can use it with any website, even with static HTML pages.


Buttons navigation menu with CSS Sprites

In today's tutorial we talk again about HTML graphics and CSS integration. In my article a few months ago I talked about the technical (also widely used by Google) of CSS sprites. In practice consists in inserting the majority of images repeated several times within the page into one big image, that will be called multiple times with our CSS.

As a matter of personal preference I tend to avoid using Gimp every time I have to create a different menu item navigation, I prefer to create only the backgrounds of buttons and then think about the styles using CSS. In this way, the first menu is better indexed by search engines, secondly I avoid "waste" the time to create me to every button a new image.


Tutorial: flame text / smoke with Gimp

New tutorial for today. Today's tutorial is very simple, one of the first that I have followed, perhaps one of the most abused. To add an inscription l 'effect "fiery" o l'effect "smoke".

First we create a new image. Hundred of shape 640 x 480 pixel.


Ciao Dingo!

Dingo, you have been a really nice "history", brief; in just six months, but beautiful.

Thank you for having fun whenever inseguivi torch light, thank you for always did recognize your unique meow, thanks for all the times that you put on the foot of my parents' bed to sleep, thanks for all the times that just to come near me you sdraiavi on the desk, or worse on the keyboard, thanks for all the times that "strappavi" the stick from the hands of Applies to devour it in three bites, thank you for every time you played with the dog's tail, thanks for being such a great model shooting, thanks for all the times you played with the cables of my guitar, or with the green ball on the stairs of my house, thanks for all the times that you cleaned the dust from the nose "sniffavi" from the cellar (who knows where you'll be kicked out), thanks for all the times that I've got to drink from the toilet (that water had to be really good)...

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