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FocusWriter: a text editor, for those who are too distracted


This article was written in the 2011, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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FocusWriter is a program designed to those who want or need to sccrivere, but he can not disrarsi. It is open source and available on the net for all operating systems. Sometimes you need to necessarily produce texts, that are the thesis, the pages of a novel o la shopping list, and at any time we run the risk that some Gmail notification, a icon too attractive or simple computer menu manage to distract us from the main job.

FocusWriter think precisely to minimize distractions from the computer. It is clear, not be able to hold off the cat or hamster as we write, but can fill the entire screen so that when we write we only write, and nothing else.

In fact, you can still get around it by configuring a key or key combination so that pressing it will show the desktop, or even with the classic "Old + Tab" to move from one window to another, but the idea of ​​FocusWriter is that when our eyes will look without the consent of a brain icon (such as Firefox or similar) in the menu bar, displaced will, why not be the usual menu, but the continuation of the sheet on which we are writing. It will be at that point that the brain will react (hope) so that the eye returns to check what hands write.

The program, it is easy to understand, uses a 'GUI minimalist. It provides only the blank sheet of paper. You can then configure a background from which to draw inspiration (FocusWriter is oriented more to writing "production"), and in the mode "Rich text" it is possible set the formatting to text (Bold, Italic, apex, etc..). Also the menu of the program is invisible, appears only to movement of the mouse in the upper part of the sheet. Conversely, if the mouse is moved downward will be visible open files, counting characters, speech, pages, l'ora and (after setting) the percentage of goal achieved.

What follows is one of the program screenshoot, article is from this blog, and is in rich text mode.


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