Other extensions for Firefox that will leave you begging for mercy

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With this article termino (for now) the non-exhaustive list of plugins I use along with Firefox a, as they say in Mozilla, “better web experience“.

This article is the continuation of “Some extensions for Firefox that do not keep to wanting more“.


NetVideoHunter allows the download of flash videos in a simple and fast. It is activated by pressing the corresponding button on the right side of the status bar, A window will open that lists all flash movies of the current session.

For each video buttons are available “View“, showing the movie in the same window, and “Download” that allows the download.

With NetVideoHunter is no longer necessary to check the source of the document. A similar extension is the best known FlashGot.

Stop-or-Reload button

This small extension combines in style “Safari” the two buttons “Stop” and “Reload” Panel Firefox. Space is always at a premium, and usefulness of “Stop-or-reload button” it is this.

Tab progress bar

This other small extension allows you to see the percentage of the page load glancing directly to the relevant tab. At the top of each tab will be displayed a small progress bar which indicates the load.

Tabs on top

For those who use Firefox, but he can not help but of’simplified interface tab present in Google Chrome, “Tabs on top” is indispensable. Sposta dei bar tab above to that address, allowing for a more intuitive navigation immediate.

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Screengrab It is a useful extension for those who must make the screenshot alle pagine web. It allows the immediate rescue of the web page as an image although there are flash content present. Allows saving format PNG the JPG, but the real utility of this extension is that it can save whole web page in width and height even if the same comes from the edges of the window. Moreover, no “photographed” menus and window borders, only the web page.


This extension “combinesthe URL bar with the search bar. And it's’ Admittedly, you can disable the Search bar by customizing the navigation bar, but this extension continues to allow the choice of the search engine desired from those installed.


Fission It is another extension that matter another efficient customization of Safari. By installing this extension is shown the percentage of page load directly into the URL bar, through a progressive change of the background color.

Compact Menu 2

This time, an improvement “stolen” to Internet Explorer 8. Also for those who need valuable space extension “Compact Menu 2” Compact all menus in the menu bar into a single button. Once installed you can hide the menu bar and access them via a single button. I recommend using only really necessary occasions, when the screen space is really cheap.


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TheJoe · 30 January 2011 at 1:18 PM

As an extension for thunderbird?

Monex · 30 January 2011 at 2:28 AM

This extension for Thunderbird introduces the following options regarding the composition window and headers in e-mails sent and response 1 inclusion of real edges in the emails replication only in HTML-formatted messages . It is known that Thunderbird as well as many other email programs use the mbox format to store e-mail.Curiosamente not present in Thunderbird for a facility that allows you to import or export files in this format which makes it a bit problematic at times moving ..

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