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A few posts ago I was involved in TinEye, a site that indexes through their crawlers entire web images, by an algorithm preserves the mapping of the images that it finds and, if interrogato, after uploading or URL of an image signal can return all the sites that contain (or at least all of the sites indexed by him).

Today we talk about WhatTheFont!, a software very similar to TinEye, But that only takes care of are. Let's say a magazine we come across an advertisement whose font but we are particularly interested we can not find from directories conventional, we just have to search online for a photo of advertising whose font is shown preferably with a height of at least 100px, or take a picture of the page and upload it WhatTheFont!.

The operation is very simple. Take the case of having to find the font used for this logo coin unknown:

Andremo su WhatTheFont! and We will specify the URL in the box.

On the next screen you will be asked to recognize individual letters (where possible) to refine the search for the correct font.

Può capitare che WhatTheFont! not properly recognize all the letters, it is possible change in the boxes below images, If the program asks you to recognize a letter does not exist (halfway between a letter and the other e.g.) you should leave the box vuoto.

Once you have specified the correct letters, after waiting for a few moments will be shown the font closest to that of the image.

Look here:  Enable the plugin "zen coding" su gedit

Segnalo che WhatTheFont! performs research on both the font freed free and that of those the payment.


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