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Photography: techniques for the reduction of “Digital Noise”

In today's tutorial we talk about photography. How many times has it happened to take pictures, affect them on the display of the camera and see them in good condition, then download them on the computer and realize the presence of the noise in the picture.

The digital noise present in the photo is the deterioration which can range from small disturbance barely visible, the disturbo "a puntini" very annoying to see as we shall see in the next image which shows how the quality of the image may change, changing the ISO.


CSS Sprites: the rollover with a single image using CSS

Let's talk about CSS. Today we see a technique has always been recommended for lighten pages and faster loading times (not for nothing has for years been used on the homepage of Google).

In short it is to include most of the elements of the page navigation within a single image file, then recall many times how much will prompt page thus avoiding uploading multiple images different.


WhatTheFont! looks for the font from an image

A few posts ago I was involved in TinEye, a site that indexes through their crawlers images of the whole web, by an algorithm preserves the mapping of the images that it finds and, if interrogato, after the upload or reporting of the URL of an image is capable of return all the sites that contain (or at least all of the sites indexed by him).