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Last year, in this period between the pages of this blog there was talk of “Prey” (official website), un software open source (which is not common among the tracking programs) Multiplatform able (if installed) of track the location of your computer if it is stolen. Among the features are already implemented in each report: photo by webcam, screenshot Instant, IP address public and private, and in addition to geolocation using the IP address Prey is able to triangulate its position according to the distance of the closest wi-fi networks. After trying it I personally find that the detected position is disconcertingly accurate.

The web control panel

A year has passed since that distant post, and the changes were several. Unlike the old version of a year, Prey now has a comfortable GUI that allows for easy setup, there (in addition to the possibility of untouched report by email) a web panel from which to declare the status of the pc (smarrito not the) that supports up to three tracings Individual, and recently has been introduced the availability of the account pro.

It is of some particular “customizations” the control panel. Upstream of cash contribution to the project you can subscribe to a different subscription between: Small, Medium, Large and Huge. The differences are obviously in cost and in number of devices traceable. Each floor “pro” has one monthly fee, but you can choose to pay annually benefiting from a 10%non-profit organizations discount on the total. Moreover, and educational institutions can facilitate the further reductions on the price.

And’ appreciable that is otherwise specified in the promotions page that accounts “free” (up to 3 devices) will always offered free of charge .

A few thoughts after using

After trying the control panel, however, I decided to adopt the report via mail. In this way, we do not rely on no external service if not our. Currently with my setup Prey check at regular intervals of 5 minutes I configured a URL da. In case the server responded with an error “404: File does not exist” Prey would activate the '”Haunting mode” and begin to forward the report to my email.

Questa is a neo Procedures. If your computer is lost installed mail client configured to download messages from your account to which the reports are forwarded the thief will understand being watched and probably will proceed to formatting allowing us to recover the pc. The problem arises even if we save passwords Web services (type of Gmail) all’interno del browser, as before the thief will have access to our mailbox and understand being watched. On laptops always recommend not save your personal data, could fall into the wrong hands.


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