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WordPress plugin: “Simple Javascript Management”

With "Simple Javascript Management" no longer need to go to edit the html header of our theme WordPress. The plugin will take care of load before the closing tag </head> the </body> scripts javascript local or remote.

I have to register, however, that the script go loaded manually on the web space, it is not possible to upload a script via the interface of the plugin. For the moment I only loaded the script "snowstorm" which allows the present snowfall on the homepage.


YoHDR: a site to create HDR photos

YoHDR is still in beta, but from what it looks like seems to promise very well. Born from the creators of VectorMagic (online software that allows the vectorization image grid) the site allows, after 'upload some photos the same landscape with different exposures, to download the photo HDR.

In practice, the HDR is nothing an average exposure photos.


Linux e are

In this guide I will explain a few small things that new users GNU/Linux. Those coming from the Microsoft world will be used to having to fiddling with fonts and characters various so completely irrational. The creators of Windows XP in esteem it had released a software simple to use, but in reality (as we shall see) is not always so. An example is the 'font installer. To install a font on XP you need to go to the folder "characters", cliccare su "File" - "Install New Font" and finally choose from a file manager that we want to install the downloaded font.

This procedure should be repeated all the times that we have to install a different font. If we had 100 fonts to be installed should repeat the procedure 100 times. So much for simplicity.


Funny Videos

Today no articles on software, nothing tutorials graphic the CSS.

Public simply a letters video appeared some time ago on FailBlog. After the laughter that I have done I could not share it. Obviously I hope the same effect on readers.


TinEye searches for images equal

Today we speak of TinEye, a site of my recent discovery. Probably some of you already know, to me it was useful to check if my images were used by others.

TinEye deals with index images how does a whole web crawlers and combines the images of control points unique. Once the user decides to look for his image (or other image) tramite TinEye will only be shown identical pictures, also of different sizes. The operation is simple: you load an image, or insert a URL and TinEye returns results as sites where the image is published. Quick and easy.


Prey: pull the money after a year

Last year, in this period between the pages of this blog there was talk of "Prey" (official website), un software open source (which is not common among the tracking programs) Multiplatform able (if installed) of track the location of your computer if it is stolen. Among the features are already implemented in each report: photo by webcam, screenshot Instant, IP address public and private, and in addition to geolocation using the IP address Prey is able to triangulate its position according to the distance of the closest wi-fi networks. After trying it I personally find that the detected position is disconcertingly accurate.