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Who said that PhotoShop always comes before Gimp? The plugin we are talking about today was developed natively for Gimp, was then invented something similar to PhotoShop.

Maybe someone does not play the new plugin “Content aware filling” per PhotoShop. Well, “Resynthesizer” is an algorithm developed as a research project of the University 2001 subsequently led to plugin for Gimp long before that were created “Content aware filling“. But let's start from the beginning. Start by saying that “Resynthesizer” is a plugin that fully automatic removes by selection the objects in the picture if placed on a plot, filling the space Missing the selection with the same color of the background, trying to keep the texture uniform. This plugin can be very useful for example if we were to touch up the photo of a sunset sky with a pole in the foreground.

Maybe someone will remember the tool “Clones, Resynthesizer does exactly the same thing, but automatically. But we see some practical examples.

This photo Provided treatment flickr presents a stick quite evident on the right, all in all the sky is uniform. Let's see if we can remove it painlessly.

First of all with the instrument “Freehand Selection” () select rather coarsely the contours of the pole.

This process does not have to be precise, the plugin will then be able to search by only the parts of the sky to be copied in the selection Missing.

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Selected the pole go in the menu “Filters” – “Improvement” – “Smart remove selection“. In the window that appears leave the default values ​​and click “ok“.

Nothing else. And because we like the others here photogallery examples before and after with poles…




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voucher · 19 October 2010 at 3:46 PM

Well! maybe you're right, the photos are more beautiful without the wires, the light poles, etc.……at least with this “Resynthesizer” I do not have her crazy hours and hours with the Clone tool! We see…………stase lo test! 😀

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