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Today we speak of a small but very useful service that I use for several years and which I use often: “10 minute mail“.

As the name “10 minute mail” is an email address to 10 minutes, valid ie the time to register in a site that we do not trust the way down and wait for address verification to certify that the registration email is actually our property.

Often it happens that for comment the unload software must check us in to the site and provide our personal data, including email address. It may happen, however, that there is going to share our data, especially if there is a clear Disclamer that instructs us on the use made of our personal data (and often is not present, the not even read).

A good “medicine” for the above situations is precisely “10 minute mail“. Site opening our random temporary address has already been created (you can not choose your username or domain) and can be reviewed by the refresh of the page to check that the site to which we register actually send spam. If we close the page 10 minute mail You will not be able to access the previously created, but it will be assigned to another.

Neither active mailbox
The mailbox drops

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