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Today we talk about javascript, not how to program, but how to implement the free resources already present in the web.

Javascript is a programming language to objects oriented web, and mainly used in this area. All major browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chromium) support the use of javascript, the substantial difference between browsers (and above the target they point to) is the speed of execution.

One of the sites from which I draw from time to time code this is, inside there are different libraries each with a different effect. To give some examples you can round the corners of the images, create a reflection below the images, apply effects "glossy", etc.. All scripts are issued in accordance with a license preserves its intellectual property. Shall not be issued under the GPL, and especially Open the sound source, software is also available can not be used in commercial, for use in this area is needed explicit consent of the author. A copy of the license can be downloaded here.

In addition to these scripts suggest the finger Dynamic Drive.


Dynamic Drive provides other effects not only in javascript, but also of the simple CSS tricks, the DHTML effects. In this case the script are uploaded by users in a spontaneous, the latter will hold the intellectual property. Dynamic Drive, at any rate, reserves the right to change the include ulteriori caratteristiche agli script inviati, senza dover necessariamente contattare l’autore. Furthermore, scripts may be removed from the site at any time. su "VHosting service"


I keep this blog as a hobby by 2009. I am passionate about graphic, technology, software Open Source. Among my articles will be easy to find music, and some personal thoughts, but I prefer the direct line of the blog mainly to technology. For more information contact me.


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