L’articolo di oggi si distacca dalla normale linea del blog, but I feel the need to write it in spite of everything.

And’ con grande tristezza che vengo a sapere che da qualche giorno è stato protocollato quello che potrebbe diventare un nuovo provvedimento firmato dai ministri Gelmini dell’Istruzione e La Russa della Difesa (I would prefer to call the Minister of War), paramilitaries to introduce courses in high schools.

The next high school students will be able to learn how to shoot with airguns, tiro con l’arco e veri percorsi di sopravvivenza in pieno stile paramilitare. Our future will resemble more and more high school students to Rambo that students, but watch the final pill, the test end of course consist of a “gara pratica di pattuglie fra studenti”.

This measure has already been commented online award by the people network, and as expected was rejected, defined as a return to the two decades, young table.

I should point out that the proposal is aimed at high school. Adolescents studying in high schools, of boys 15, 16, 17 years that have not yet fully formed. Teenage boys tend to manifest attitudes closer to violence simply because of a need to express themselves not yet conveyed. What would happen if these attitudes coltivassimo? Well, I'm not a psychologist, but the result we can easily imagine.

And if the money in that investiremmo “course” (which would lead credits) as we invest to improve research, to hire special teachers for disabled, to improve the educational workshops, or even just to buy toilet paper for schools? Honestly no one (the quasi) feel the need for a paramilitary course in high schools. Se proprio i ministri Gelmini e La Russa sono nel dubbio sono dell’idea che dovrebbero indire un referendum.

Era Berlusconi che in alcuni suoi famosi discorsi pubblici definiva giustamente l’Italia, Country of the Renaissance. No country there equals in terms of museums, historical villas, città d’arte, Borghi medievali, etc.. I wonder why we feel the need to make room for the muscles and brain toglierne.

Tra l’altro mi sorge una perplessità. It seems to me that it was just the right center to fight because the crucifix remains firmly to the walls of classrooms, “as a symbol of our roots and the Christian tradition”. The courses are not paramilitary contrast slightly with “the Word of the Lord”? D’altra parte Cristo era per la non violenza. At this point we could really remove the crucifix, suggerisco invece di appendere negli atri delle scuole pubbliche una foto di Rambo o dell’A-Team al posto di quella di Napolitano.

Ricordo anche l’articolo 11 of the Constitution. It, the famous one in which it is clearly expressed rejection of war as a means offensive. And’ così difficile seppellire la violenza?


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